Podcast:The Battle at Rugeley\’s Mill with J. Bobo

Historyman presents the Battle at Rugeley\’s Mill with J. Bobo. British Colonel Rugeley is tricked into surrendering his entire fortification wiithout a shot being fired. The Patriots gain status and supplies a month before the Battle of Cowpens. Freedom Reigns at

Podcast: Kirk Johnston on Andrew Jackson Pt 1 of 2

Andrew Jackson, a poor boy from the South Carolina back country, makes it big later in life. The road to the White House was filled with tragedy and death. SC Park Ranger Kirk Johnston gives us a lesson of courage and success through the life of President Andrew Jackson.

Historyman presents: The Camden Resolves

Camden\’s contribution to the Revolutionary War was great. The sentiments of its leaders were summed up in this salvo from the Grand Jury of the community that met in December 1774, a year and a half prior to the Declaration of Independence. Other Communities like Cheraw and Ninety Six delivered similar Resolves. Freedom Reigns!