Some of our favorites from the 2022 Comic Book Contest, and a winner!



  • Why Comic Books?

    In an attempt to reach the younger audiences, Historyman has created a series of exciting comic books for the next generation. These comic books are targeted towards grade level students and help to retell the stories of the real heroes in the fight for freedom.

  • How Do I Order?

    Preview a couple of comics by clicking the images above and then use the PayPal link to purchase your comics!

  • How Much Do They Cost?

    Each comic book is only $9.99. Save money and order the full set of six for only $49.99 today!

  • Do You Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders?

    Yes! If you are interested in purchasing a bulk order, reach out to Historyman directly at the button below. Put "Bulk Order" in the subject line and specify your order details in the comment section. We will reach out to you once your form has been received!


Learn about real American heroes in the fight for freedom.