May 2019

Samuel Wyly

Treason in England was punishable by having the man’s entrails cut from his body and then his body dismembered. In order to dismember the person the extremities were often times tied by rope and pulled in opposite directions by men on horseback.  The arms and legs would be pulled in four different directions until they …

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The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill

The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill, the Second Battle of Camden The 1st Maryland Continentals broke at the center of the American line just as the British began to charge up Hobkirk’s Hill on April 25, 1781.  The panic that ensued along the American front caused General Nathaniel Greene to withdraw despite his superiority in numbers. …

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The Legend of Red Kelly

The legend of “Red” Kelly began on the streets of Olympia, among the textile workers in Columbia, SC.  As a teenager he was a cigar smoking, hard drinking fighter with a traveling boxing ring. He went from town to town with his friend, fighting all comers for cash.  ““Red” was bold and tough and the …

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