January 2020

Podcast: Kirk Johnston on Andrew Jackson Pt 1 of 2

Andrew Jackson, a poor boy from the South Carolina back country, makes it big later in life. The road to the White House was filled with tragedy and death. SC Park Ranger Kirk Johnston gives us a lesson of courage and success through the life of President Andrew Jackson.

Podcast: First in Freedom with Scott Syfert and the Meck Dec

Attny. Scott Syfert delves into the possibility that Charlotte,Mecklenburg County, NC could be the first Municipality to declare Independence from Great Britian. If so, it predates Thomas Jefferson\’s document by over a year. A lively discussion where Freedom Reigns!

Historyman presents: The Cheraw Resolves

Justice William Henry Drayton addressed the Grand Jury of the Cheraw District at a pivotal time in the lead up to the Revolutionary War. The Grand Jury returned their resolve to defend their rights, \”at the hazard to our lives and fortunes.\” Freedom reigns!

Historyman presents: The Camden Resolves

Camden\’s contribution to the Revolutionary War was great. The sentiments of its leaders were summed up in this salvo from the Grand Jury of the community that met in December 1774, a year and a half prior to the Declaration of Independence. Other Communities like Cheraw and Ninety Six delivered similar Resolves. Freedom Reigns!