Hanging Rock

Col. William Davie yelled to the British at Hanging Rock in Lancaster county, \”Soldiers, if you value your lives, ground your arms, and officers surrender at once!\” They didn\’t. He won. He later harassed Cornwallis\’ 2000 man army in the streets of Charlotte with only 150 cavalry, and was probably the reason Charlotte was called a […]

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Buford’s Massacre

A mass grave in Lancaster, South Carolina entombs 113 men from Virginia who died at the hands of British soldiers! Eyewitnesses said the Virginians were throwing down their guns and trying to surrender when the British soldiers, led by Colonel Tarleton, began hacking them to death with their swords. Another 150 men were treated for severe injuries in

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Rev, Martin, Hwy 97, Chester, SC

\”My hearers,\” he said, in his broad Scotch-Irish dialect— \”talk and angry words will do no good. We must fight!\” Highway 97 in York and Chester counties was part of the New Acquisition District during the revolutionary war.  We find stories of valor and intrigue dotting the various communities along that holy thoroughfare.  Reverend William Martin preached a

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When asked his name Noah replied, “Hampton.”  Enraged, “they cursed him for a Rebel, and ran him through with a bayonet.”(1) Yet the British were having the worst of this running battle from July 12-16, 1780.  Loyalists Captain James Dunlap ran into the Hampton’s, Capt. John Jones and other Patriots under General McDowell in and around Landrum.  Night raids were made

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Taylor saves Sumter

The Patriot fires blazed hot by the banks of the Broad River on November 9, 1780.  Colonel Thomas Taylor had convinced General Sumter of prudent measures against an impending attack.British Major Wemyss and his band of loyalists charged into the light of the fires, intent on finally killing General Thomas Sumter and his warriors.  What they found

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