Historyman presents: The Pittsylvania, VA Resolves, January 26, 1775

The Pittsylvania Resolves: THE freeholders of the county of Pittsylvania, being duly summoned, convened at the courthouse of the said county, on Thursday the 26th of January, 1775, and then proceeded to make the choice of a committee, agreeable to the direction of the General Congress, for enforcing and putting into execution the association, when the following Gentlemen were chosen members for the same, VIZ. Abraham Shelton, Robert Williams, Thomas Dilliard, William Todd, Abraham Penn, Peter Perkins, Benjamin Lankford, Thomas Terry, Arthur Hopkins, Hugh Challus, Charles L. Adams, James Walker, William Peters Martin, Daniel Shelton, William Ward, Edmund Taylor, Isaac Clements, Gabriel Shelton, Peter Wilson, William Shore, Henry Conway, John Payne, sen. Joseph Roberts, William Witcher, Henry Williams, John Salmon, Rev. Lewis Gwillam, Richard Walden, Peter Saunders, John Wilson, and Crispin Shelton. The committee then proceeded to make choice of Robert Williams for their Chairman, and William Peters Marcin their Clerk. During the time of choosing the said committee, the utmost good order and harmony was observed, and all the inhabitants of the county then present (which was very numerous) seemed determined and resolute in defending their liberties and properties, at the risk of their lives, and, if required, to die by their fellow sufferers (the Bostonians) whose cause they consider as their own; and, it being mentioned in committee, that their county had never contributed their proportionable part towards defraying the expenses of the Delegates, who attended on our behalf at the General Congress, that sum was immediately and cheerfully raised and deposited in the hands of Peter Perkins and Benjamin Lankford, Esquires, the Representatives for the said county, to be transmitted by them, to whom it ought to have been paid; after which the committee rose, and several loyal and patriotick toasts were drank, and the company dispersed, well pleased with the behaviour of those people they had put their confidence in. Ordered, that a copy of the above proceedings be inserted in the Virginia News-papers. WILLIAM PETERS MARTIN, Clk. of the committee.

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